stone fox. (pure_envy) wrote in bernardi,
stone fox.

rockin' it just how you like it...

tonight was an extremely lucky night for the band...jamie and i went over to anthony's to practice, and we worked on "just a body" and wrote a new song "open the sky" (which is the grease song that sounds like we're on our way to being a prom band)...moanmoan i wanted to "tee" and cry and frolick when i heard's the song that's always in my head and now it's orgasmic.

to get even more auspicious, while lugging jamie's amp up to her room, we met this dewd named adam who said he plays guitar and would want to do rhythm and that his friend is "like the best drummer in the state, no joking"...who knows who knows...jamie was pimping us out and gave him the number on our flyer

...ah yes, the flyers. i got around to making them, and now we just need to hang them up. they are creative and fun, and describe us as "astronamatrix rock" (i figured why not invent a word that describes us, instead of trying to figure it out and place us in an already-made category). i hung one up on the floor of my dorm by the door, and just when i thought i might want to move it, i came back tonight to find that someone took one of the numbers

*insert lots of screaming*

three times luckiness....that is exciting

i won't be able to sleep tonight

i love jamie and anthony
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